EnJu Fuel Your Results

We have all been affected by an overwhelming desire to perform at our best, to achieve a result, whether it is being the best parent,
reducing our weight or earning the respect of team members on the job or within a fitness or sporting event. Whatever the demand that we
impose on ourselves or are placed on us; they are affected by our ability to fortify our effort. Creating Enjucize has one clear mindset

Enjucize your work and see where it takes you…

A natural proprietary blend of coconut water, tart cherry, lemons, black and green tea, cayenne pepper and an amino acid mix.

  • Enjucize your day that will have you feeling invigorated
  • Enjucize your day will have you feeling restored

We have picked each ingredient natural occurring properties.

Coconut water hydrates more effectively and replaces essential electrolytes that your body loses during daily activities such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Anthocyanins from tart cherry provides antioxidants and help protect against muscle damage after physical activity. Along with cherries antioxidants black tea helps fight harmful inflammation and improvement of cardiovascular disease. Green tea gives the best source of catechin to block oxidation of LDL cholesterol while increasing fat-burning thereby improving physical performance.

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A greater reliance on fat for energy can result in a sparing of muscle glycogen, an enhancement of exercise performance and a reduction in stored body fat. Acetyl L-Carnitine has profound effects on endurance and exercise performance by reducing the respiratory exchange ratio and reducing lactic acid accumulation in muscles extending exercise capacity before fatigue.

  • Optimize glucose and insulin function.
  • Improves immune system function.
  • Improves Protein Synthesis and Nitrogen Retention
  • Boosts Muscle Growth

The ingredients in Enjucize are specially designed for an active lifestyle. The combination of amino acids  facilitate the metabolism of fatty acids for energy generation, blood flow to muscle tissue for boosting circulatory health and promoting healthy sexual function. While preventing muscle breakdown this powerful drink speeds muscle recovery after any type of bodywork. Drinking the proper amount based on your weight will help reduce fatigue and preserve lean muscles as it supports protein synthesis. This proprietary blend provides antioxidants, helps fight harmful inflammation, hydrates more effectively and replaces essential electrolytes that your body loses.