American Population is Aging

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American Population is Aging American population is aging; by 2050, the population of adults 65 and older will be 89 million, more than double the number counted during the 2010 census, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2013). We know that as one ages there are a host of physical problems that must be [...]

Assess the Effects of Dietary Supplements on Mental Performance

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Viewing Healthy Eating in a New Way Everyone realizes the importance of fitness in developing mental, physical and emotional well-being which includes a clear and concise mindset of intention, a balance of activity and nutritional intake as well as an awareness of feeling driving actions for performance. Given individuals’ complexities and the many ways [...]

Exercising A Healthful Mind-Set

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Exercising A Healthful Mind-Set   A certified personal trainer William Kennamore has helped thousands understand the mental approach behind a fit and healthy way of living.  His philosophy is based on the belief that how our minds think about what our bodies are feeling determined our mind-sets. He will share his ideas each month [...]

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