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Describe the Effects of Undernutrition and Malnutrition on Behavior

January 3rd, 2018|Demor HotSpot Therapy, Healthy Eating, Nutrition|

The Effects of Under-nutrition and Malnutrition on Behavior


Malnutrition Over or Under is in the Details

Before we can begin to discuss questions of malnutrition under or over, it is important that we understand what nutrition is? Nutrition is the study of the interactions of nutrients and other substances in food which […]

Assess the Effects of Dietary Supplements on Mental Performance

December 6th, 2017|Demor HotSpot Therapy, Exercising, Healthy Eating, Nutrition|

Viewing Healthy Eating in a New Way

Everyone realizes the importance of fitness in developing mental, physical and emotional well-being which includes a clear and concise mindset of intention, a balance of activity and nutritional intake as well as an awareness of feeling driving actions for performance.

Given individuals’ complexities and the […]

Good Nutrition and its Impact on Healthy Behaviors

October 30th, 2017|Demor HotSpot Therapy, Healthy Eating, Nutrition|

Good Nutrition and its Impact on Healthy Behaviors


Are We Ready To Make Changes?

We all are influenced by the challenges of life? Sometimes we find it difficult to maintain our way of life because of having moments of failing confidence or concerned about our own personal health. One of the most […]

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