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About William Kennamore - DEMOR HotSpot Therapy

The mission of DEMOR System is to promote optimal recovery, wellness and quality of life in persons with neuromuscular movement dysfunction (understood or actualized as chronic pain) by utilizing individualized program design in the advancement of evidence-based bodywork massage therapy practice (DEMOR HotSpot Therapy ®) , corrective exercise, athletic performance, sports psychology, and nutrition counseling.

DEMOR HotSpot Therapy (DHST) is a unique system of therapeutic massage modalities designed by United States Marine Corps Commissioned Officer, former competitive bodybuilder, and published author William Kennamore for the treatment and prevention of muscle strains, sprains, and pain. This comprehensive system rids muscles of built up chemical bonds and relieves immobility, inflexibility, muscle “soreness” and joint “stiffness” while restoring musculoskeletal balance.

With a master degree in sports and exercise psychology and over 20 years of experience as a Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer (NASM),  Functional Movement Specialist (FMS), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES),  and Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) William has committed his professional and private life to promoting optimal recovery, wellness self-care and quality of life for people managing pain (acute or chronic) rooted in neuromuscular dysfunction.

In his work with professional athletes, as a Fitness Manager and Master Trainer for  24 Hour Fitness, and in the development of wellness programs for the Alameda County Sheriff Department, Will’s calm demeanor, wisdom, and sense of humor serve as a path for all who are interested in being consistently aware of the relationship between body, mind, and movement.