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“The Results are in the Experience”®

Demor Hotspot Treatment
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DEMOR HotSpot Treatment & Training Center®

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DEMOR Treatment Specialist of Newport Beach

The Psychophysical Anatomy of Pain Release Therapy

DEMOR HotSpot Treatment & Training (DHST) Center specializes in treating and training the body, mind, and emotions with the psychophysical anatomy of mind/body release. DHST of Newport Beach serves active and non-active individuals, isolating areas of discomfort and pain as “DEMOR HotSpots (DHS).” Our hands-on applied treatment and training is meant to loosen, soften, stretch, and lengthen for extendability and enduring of tissue movement.

Constricted tissue during job functioning within the axis of movement causes DHS:

  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • On the move
  • Up and downers
  • Having contact

Ever since bodywork was invented, its practitioners have built upon the work of their predecessors. New paradigms arise, and this knowledge is again subsumed and transformed into something newer and more effective. DHST treating and training for job functioning as a system and establishes its model as an optimal course of treatment. We recognized that people are different, not just physically, but also in critical psychological ways. For this reason, it is essential to explore how individuals effectively address these concerns by learning how to understand this treatment and training as personal healthcare. Our approach understands these differences as “type,” viewing people’s dispositions in terms of their enduring motive. Adopting how to cope with the elements of discomfort and constrictive losses of flexibility, endurance, and range of motion is our focus. We begin with understanding the characteristics that make-up discomfort.

DHST is a Complementary Alternative


DHST works on releasing symptoms of arthritis, carpal tunnel symptomsfibromyalgia, and more.

“DEMOR Psychophysical Anatomy of Pain Release “

“The Results are in the Experience”®

DHST sequencing treats the ten zones of the body.

William Kennamore DEMOR HotSpot Treatment Center

DEMOR Integrated Health, Fitness, Sport Solutions

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Determined Energy Motivates Ongoing Results


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DEMOR Integrated Health, Fitness, Sport Solutions


Treatment and Training strategies reduce and eliminate mental, physical and emotional constrictions by identifying them,
exploring their effects to initiate refinement that will decrease their impact through the following means.





“The results are in the Experience”®

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The massage is completely different than any other sports massage, spa massage, or bodywork massage. They get deep into your tissues and hot spots. I felt like a new man after my session. James was super detail and knew where to go. James got into my hamstrings and inner thighs; Kneading out the soreness. William is a hardworking, knowledgeable, respectful USMC veteran. William is going for his doctorates. He is super knowledgeable in his field, I would recommend DEMOR Hotspot to anyone.


I was treated with the compassion and sensitivity that is unavailable elsewhere. I have dealt with chronic acute pain for many years. In one intense session I felt relief that has never before been afforded me. I am so grateful for this man and his talent. Looking forward to going back. There is no other.

Cheryl B.

Thank goodness for William!! I recently had a baby; and was eager to get back to my workouts.Apparently, my body body wasn’t as ready as my will was! I ended up throwing my back out and couldn’t even stand up straight. William has helped me regain my function and I look forward to continuing with further treatments, as I regain my strength and physical fitness.

Rebecca F.


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